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"At Synvertec, we created cutting-edge technology that has the power to enhance grid stability, without compromising RES and DER levels".

We are Synvertec

Synvertec is an Israeli based company established in 2014. Utilizing innovative patented technology developed at Tel Aviv University, Synvertec helps facilitate high levels of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) within diverse electricity grids, while also significantly enhancing grid stability.

Synvertec's funders include a leading seed investment alliance (Horizon Green Tech Ventures), the Israeli government (OCS), and Israel Electric Company (IEC - Israeli Grid Operator). The latter has shown substantial interest in the development of Synvertec's technology.

Led by an ambitious team of engineers and energy specialists, Synvertec is currently looking to form fruitful collaborations with local and global business partners. The company's technology has sparked the interest of inverter manufacturers and large enterprises alike.

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