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Reinventing inverter solutions. Remodeling grid stability.
A top-notch solution designed to incorporate more renewable energy sources within off-grid systems.
Unstable grids cannot sustain renewable energy source penetration. Synvertec innovation alters the narrative.
Poor Grid
A cutting-edge solution geared to maximize the RES capacities of high-quality grids all over the world.
Good Grid
Our Key Advantages

Innovative Software


Enhanced grid stability via innovative software that interfaces with inverters, with zero excess equipment.

High RES Levels

Synvertec's software enables high levels of renewable energy source (RES) grid penetration, thereby promoting environmental sustainability.


Fully software based, Synvertec creates an extremely low total system cost. Grid stability and high RES have never been more cost-effective.

Inertia Capabilities

Artificial inertia capabilities allow inverters to simulate synchronic generator characteristics, thus enhancing grid stability.

Our New Technology

The SynchronverterTM is a patented control algorithm that interacts with inverter switches and emulates the mechanical and electrical properties of a synchronous generator.

By integrating with existing renewable energy inverters, the SynchronverterTM transforms them into virtual synchronous generator devices, which effectively enhances grid stability. As a result, stable grids are able to withstand high penetration of renewable energy sources.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 717516

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